The Key to Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out

Do you have a difficult time articulating what it is that you do?

Have you noticed other people’s eyes glaze over when you respond to the question, “What do you do”?

Whether you’re delivering your elevator pitch at a networking event, introducing yourself at a business reception, answering the question at a cocktail party, or promoting your services in print (online or offline), stick to the outcomes you deliver and spare the details on how you get there.

I recall being introduced to a “business consultant” at one networking event, and he looked surprised when I asked what he did. It was as if every person should know exactly what a consultant does but in reality, there are many possibilities in the realm of consulting.

He went on to explain the tedious details of his work, and yes, I felt my eyes glaze over but made an effort to concentrate on where he was going with his long-winded explanation. By the end of it, I still had no idea about the benefits his clients got from working with him or whom I could potentially refer to him.

As a copywriter, I write persuasive content that influences my client’s market to take action and buy from them. My clients don’t want to hear about the research I do into their competitor’s deliverables (and more) or how I find the keywords needed to ensure their prospects will find them.

And they don’t care about the numerous drafts and re-writes I do or how I print off my work, edit with a red pen, transfer those changes, and edit again – at least not initially (and a lot of that they don’t care about at all). They want to know that I can help them get more paying customers!

Every entrepreneur and sales professional has their special “magic” (your process) they use to get to the solutions or answers their clients are seeking. But keep that magic a secret for now – it’s all yours. Instead, focus on these 3 areas:

1. Understand your target audience and what matters to them the most (in other words, what is their big problem).

2. Share the outcomes they get after working with you (the solution to that problem and how they’ll feel after they’ve experienced your offerings).

3. Why you – what value do you bring to the table that makes you stand apart from other providers? You can read more about this here:

A wellness provider, for example, may offer a multitude of therapies, but instead of rhyming off that long list, which can be overwhelming and confusing, share the outcome of how your customers will feel after they’ve experienced your services.

Remember, your customers want to get from point A to point B. They’re looking for answers or solutions. In your initial meeting or your marketing messages, please don’t share the twists, turns, and obstacles (your process) it takes to get there. Just let them know what they’ll get when they choose you to help them.