The chemical-free way to clean your fridge

Cleaning out your fridge occasionally will do wonders to preserve the freshness and natural smell of your perishables. With time, the meat section might start emanating smells, the vegetable part of the fridge might pick up some of the scents and let’s not even consider the possibility of unnoticed spills. Preferably done once every couple of months, deep cleaning your fridge will do wonders for the longevity of your food and its ability to keep an authentic aroma. Find out the best organic methods of doing so, from the foremost experts in deep cleaning from Glasgow.



Vinegar is the magic ingredient in all DIY home-cleaner recipes. Its highly oxidizing properties allow you to wipe away the most stubborn stains while leaving no chemical residue that could prove unhealthy eventually. According to the cleaners in Glasgow, two parts water and one part vinegar, with a few drops of lemon will not only leave your fridge free of stains but also make it smell wonderful.

This simple mixture should be enough to get rid of most stains, but for deep-set spots, your best bet would be using pure vinegar. The best part? Vinegar is also going to get rid of any bacteria or viruses that may have accidentally found their way into your fridge.

House cleaning

Scour & scrub

This mix of baking soda and dish soap will be perfect for scrubbing away any caked-on sauces or other thick liquids that have since solidified. This pasty substance is ideal for getting rid of such stains quickly and efficiently. Use it over problem areas and watch the issues vanish into the soft white mix.

Rinse with water and repeat until you’re fully satisfied with your fridge. House cleaning has never been so simple!

Lemons are your best friend

When cleaning your fridge, know that lemons are one of the best tools you’ll have at your disposal. They’re great for scrubbing off stains in a fully organic manner. According to the cleaning companies in Glasgow, there’s a right way to do it, too.

First, warm up the lemon, cut it in half, remove the seeds and use both sides to clean off any stains. It will be faster than using a regular old kitchen sponge and leave your fridge smelling wonderful in the process. Following these steps guarantees that you get the most juice and oil emanating from the lemon, so there’s even minimal waste!

Tomato juice

One remarkably interesting trick for you to try if you’ve got stubborn smells in your fridge that won’t go away is to approach the problem from a different angle. As you may have heard, tomato juice is a great part to use when getting rid of skunk smell. Given its strong anti-odour properties, putting a hearty amount over a rag and wiping the surface will be enough to get rid of stronger smells. This domestic solution is fully organic and will leave your fridge with a great natural smell.

Don’t forget about your refrigerator!

The refrigerator is one of the most important parts of your fridge, as that’s where things are stored for the longest time. According to domestic cleaning experts from Glasgow, it’s vital to fully clean it out and make sure everything is in order.

To do so, use a large amount of salt diluted in water and let it rest in the refrigerator after you’re done cleaning it and are airing it out, so to speak. Salt is great for removing microorganisms, having the same property as vinegar, having a cleaning effect on your refrigerator.

We hope this article helped you get started on the way to a new, more organically organized fridge for you and your family!