What credit score represents in the USA?

The term credit score has been commonly used for several years, although in reality, the meaning is still unclear to many people.

When we are about to apply for a loan, we may hear about the credit score. It is a term that is gradually becoming commonplace. If you’ve ever heard of this or maybe other terms about companies, there are probably a few questions that haven’t always been easy to answer.

Where does the credit score come from?

But let’s start from the beginning and see what a credit file of any subject contains.

It contains, among other things, the details of your credit transactions: good things, such as all regularly repaid loans, and less good things, such as any default, late payment, court orders, protests, and damages.

How is the credit score used?

With us, your credit score helps us determine the interest rate and the appropriateness of the amount you request.

When you apply for a loan, you may not know your score, but some details can help you understand any rejection and also justify any approval.

Your credit file helps us paint a picture of who you are beyond the number you match. By looking at past and present credit history and analyzing how you managed that loan, combined with several other elements, we can evaluate how you might manage a loan in the future. Can your credit score improve over time?

This is one of the reasons why credit scores can improve over time. A longer history contains more information because you are more likely to have credit-related life events, such as buying a home or owning other assets on your behalf. By analyzing these events, we can evaluate how you handled this story. “Financial” even through the ups and downs of life, such as job changes, marriage, divorce, or children.

Why do financial companies need to know your credit score?

Companies with which you enter into a financial relationship identify your credit score to help you develop a clearer picture of your credit history, then analysts will delve into the significance of that score by eventually requesting additional details about your history. as well as the documents required to apply. However, it is important to dispel a misunderstanding: it is not only important how much you earn, but also how you manage that income, which creditors will take into account. The financial responsibility of each of us is not directly proportional to our income! Here is an example of a credit score and how it works

  •  800 – 850            781 – 850            

Excellent credit score (A). You need to qualify for the best interest rates and loan terms.

  • 740 – 799             720 – 780

Very good credit score (B). There will be no problem in getting a loan at the best interest rate and conditions.

  • 670 – 739             658 – 719

Good credit score (C). You need to qualify for most loans with good rates and interest rates.

  • 580 – 669             601 – 657

Fair credit score (D). You will have difficulty getting a loan or a credit card.

  • 300 – 579             300 – 600

Poor credit score (F). It is doubtful that you will qualify for a credit or credit card.

The chemical-free way to clean your fridge

Cleaning out your fridge occasionally will do wonders to preserve the freshness and natural smell of your perishables. With time, the meat section might start emanating smells, the vegetable part of the fridge might pick up some of the scents and let’s not even consider the possibility of unnoticed spills. Preferably done once every couple of months, deep cleaning your fridge will do wonders for the longevity of your food and its ability to keep an authentic aroma. Find out the best organic methods of doing so, from the foremost experts in deep cleaning from Glasgow.



Vinegar is the magic ingredient in all DIY home-cleaner recipes. Its highly oxidizing properties allow you to wipe away the most stubborn stains while leaving no chemical residue that could prove unhealthy eventually. According to the cleaners in Glasgow, two parts water and one part vinegar, with a few drops of lemon will not only leave your fridge free of stains but also make it smell wonderful.

This simple mixture should be enough to get rid of most stains, but for deep-set spots, your best bet would be using pure vinegar. The best part? Vinegar is also going to get rid of any bacteria or viruses that may have accidentally found their way into your fridge.

House cleaning

Scour & scrub

This mix of baking soda and dish soap will be perfect for scrubbing away any caked-on sauces or other thick liquids that have since solidified. This pasty substance is ideal for getting rid of such stains quickly and efficiently. Use it over problem areas and watch the issues vanish into the soft white mix.

Rinse with water and repeat until you’re fully satisfied with your fridge. House cleaning has never been so simple!

Lemons are your best friend

When cleaning your fridge, know that lemons are one of the best tools you’ll have at your disposal. They’re great for scrubbing off stains in a fully organic manner. According to the cleaning companies in Glasgow, there’s a right way to do it, too.

First, warm up the lemon, cut it in half, remove the seeds and use both sides to clean off any stains. It will be faster than using a regular old kitchen sponge and leave your fridge smelling wonderful in the process. Following these steps guarantees that you get the most juice and oil emanating from the lemon, so there’s even minimal waste!

Tomato juice

One remarkably interesting trick for you to try if you’ve got stubborn smells in your fridge that won’t go away is to approach the problem from a different angle. As you may have heard, tomato juice is a great part to use when getting rid of skunk smell. Given its strong anti-odour properties, putting a hearty amount over a rag and wiping the surface will be enough to get rid of stronger smells. This domestic solution is fully organic and will leave your fridge with a great natural smell.

Don’t forget about your refrigerator!

The refrigerator is one of the most important parts of your fridge, as that’s where things are stored for the longest time. According to domestic cleaning experts from Glasgow, it’s vital to fully clean it out and make sure everything is in order.

To do so, use a large amount of salt diluted in water and let it rest in the refrigerator after you’re done cleaning it and are airing it out, so to speak. Salt is great for removing microorganisms, having the same property as vinegar, having a cleaning effect on your refrigerator.

We hope this article helped you get started on the way to a new, more organically organized fridge for you and your family!

Importance of online review to a business

Today any business that needs to keep its reputation must consider online reviews as a crucial aspect. With the internet becoming a household convenience, online reviews have changed the face of online marketing. It has enabled businesses to have positive and active participation and offer clients a chance to understand the business services provided. The new form of communication and marketing created by online reviews has made it possible to bridge the gap between clients’ viral feedback and simple-word-of mouth. Online reviews have also helped businesses find some of the best suppliers. Online reviews offer multiple advantages to a business, From getting reliable payment methods such as WorldRemit to increasing brand awareness and ultimately increasing profits. This article explores these advantages.

1.    Increase sales

People tend to trust a company’s services or products by reading online reviews, just as if a family or friend has offered them a recommendation. Research has shown that a majority of consumers must, while choosing a product, consider online reviews. Positive reviews are thus critical if a business is to thrive.

2.    Increases local search rankings

Reviews are critical as far as organic search rankings are concerned. By having client reviews, the credibility of your company will be boosted. With new reviews added, this adds exclusive content to your site, and with greater unique and relevant content, your site will be better ranked in search engines, which increases traffic.

3.    Gives room for suggestion and constructive criticism.

Customer reviews may suggest improvements or raise concerns about your business. This will be an excellent opportunity to know the burning clients’ problems,  resolve them, and improve your business practices. Those clients who raise their concerns in online reviews would potentially offer the complaint to other people who could be potential clients even in real-life interactions. Thus, it is essential that when a complaint is raised, you ensure that you have addressed it and then respond publicly, typically so that those who would visit the page afterward can see that the complaint was addressed. Some clients provide many positive suggestions on new products that should be offered or suggestions on doing things better. This is an excellent source of business ideas.

UK ReviewsBird

4.    They help link with their clients

To ensure that the business stands out against competitors, you must find interesting ways to link with your clients. Sites such as UK ReviewsBird give an avenue for this. When a client leaves a review, you can take a minute or two and answer, thanking them for offering their time. While other people visit the site and read the reviews and the response you’ve offered, this will build trustworthiness. An example is when a client leaves a comment concerning a particular issue they came across, you can respond with a solution to the problem they raise, optimistically turning the bad comment into a positive one. The power of positive online reviews is especially crucial for small businesses, which will help persuade clients to buy their products or services.

5.    Add marketing opportunities

Customer reviews certainly offer multiple advantages that marketing campaigns won’t provide. Online reviews are micro-marketing campaigns that provide your prospective clients a positive benefit. By already having online reviews, this will inspire new clients to leave their feedback and voice their opinion, thus increasing your businesses’ crowd behavior.

6.    Increases conversion

Before spending on a service or product, people tend to seek more and more information. Thus the more the number of reviews that your service or product has, the more people will be attracted and the higher the conversion rate. For example, if your product has multiple five-star reviews, this will remove any suspicion or fishy feeling that a client may have; thus, they will ultimately buy the product. With increased reviews, clients tend to see the product as popular, significantly increasing the conversion rate. Just makes sure that though there may be some negative reviews on your site, they don’t overwhelm the positive one, and in this way, the conversion rate will increase, eventually turning into profits for your business.

7.    Improve off-site ranking

By having online reviews on an external website, your businesses’ credibility is boosted. The local search algorithms of Google comprise data from authority third-party platforms and directories. Buy having your site reviewed in these third-party sites. Typically, its visibility will increase, translating to overall better sales and profitability.

In conclusion, with the changing trends in technology, traditional advertising methods are being overtaken by online reviews. It is with no doubt that online reviews offer businesses various advantages.

Why Silver?


A lot has been said about precious metals over the last couple of months. Silver has become a prominent subject in discussions over what is the best thing to invest in. Silver occupies a small segment of the precious metals market. It might not have the same desire as gold but for other reasons, people have been buying silver as an alternative investment.

  1. It can act as real money

Even though silver is not regarded as money, it is regarded as a form of money because of the intrinsic value it carries. Unlike the real Australian dollar, silver isn’t just created out of nothing. It would take a lot for silver to completely lose its value. Unlike stocks and bonds, when you have physical silver in the form of coins, rounds, or bars you don’t need a third party to make good on some promise for you to liquidate and realize the full value of your investment.

In fact, silver has long been used as coinage more than gold has. When you own silver, you own a commodity with a long history of monetary value.

  1. It is Cheap

Silver costs 1/80th what gold costs. On the 11th of September 2020, the silver price AUD was 36.66 AUD while gold was 2,663.47 AUD. That is how affordable silver is compared to gold. However just because it is cheaper does not make it less important and precious metal dealers actually love buying silver bullion and coins, especially now.

  1. It is practical

Silver bullion might be cheaper than gold, but it is more practical when you need to sell. With gold bullion, you have to be extra careful when carrying it around, you can’t afford to accidentally drop it.  It might make you nervous to carry something that valuable to you, but you would have to physically take it to a dealer when you want to sell.

Silver also works out fine when you all need to sell to meet a smaller financial need. Silver can be sold anywhere in the world and for these reasons, every investor should have some silver for small financial emergencies. When selling silver, you should take note of the spot silver price AUD. This price can often be found on financial websites and precious metal dealer sites.

  1. Silver does better than gold In Bull Markets

The silver market is small, which means whenever there is a slight increase in the amount of money moving in and out of the market, the effect on the price can be big. The volatility of the silver market means that it falls a great deal more than gold in a bear market but rises higher and faster than gold in a bull market.

  1. The Industrial Use of gold is growing

The Industrial use of silver is growing. Silver is used in everything from electronics to medical equipment.  Silver is virtually everywhere it can be found on solar panels and in medicine. According to the Silver Institute, the use of Silver in Photovoltaic cells used in the making of solar panels grew by 7% in 2019.

Cellphones contain silver and with the use of cellphones increasing in the billions, the demand for silver will grow too.

Unlike gold, silver used in industrial applications is often consumed during fabrication. Most precious metal buyers buy silver bullion and not so much scrap silver like used or broken jewelry. A lot of people think recycling silver is not economical.

This article was brought to you by:

Brisbane Gold Buyers

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Stay Updated on The Latest News of NASDAQ AIA

Asia-focused NASDAQ: AIA at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-aia Group Ltd 1299.HK announced on Friday for the first time since its in 2010 in Hong Kong a 27 percent fall in new company valuation trimester-by-trial, which was influenced by the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in its major markets. While AIA and a number of other global life insurance companies have been hurt by the lockouts, their earned income has continued to fall due to lower interest rates and a market trend. The new business value of the insurer, which measures anticipated new premium profits and represents a key indicator of future growth, fell from $1.17 billion a year earlier to 841 million dollars in the first quarter.

The company responds

The insurance demand in AIA’s two main markets in Hong Kong and China was long profitable, but in recent quarters AIA has experienced markedly slow growth in Hong Kong as a result of anti-government unrest and economic recessions. A notice of earnings suggested that, despite tighter social distance requirements after late March in south-eastern Asian countries, the new rise in the value of AIA could be muted in the 2nd quarter, and then slowly decreases out. The organization said China’s incremental reopening led to an increase in its economic performance, but last year stayed below standards.

iShares Asia 50 NASDAQ: AIA jumped above the typical 200-day move of 60.71 dollars and changed hands to 60.77 dollars per share. Now, iShares Asia 50 shares trading up by about 1.4% a day. The following chart shows the one-year AIA share return compared to its average 200 days

The updates

Several hedge funds and institutional investors recently have added or decreased their AIA stakes. In the fourth quarter, Raymond James & Associates expanded their stake by 22.2% in iShares Asia 50 ETF. Now that the Raymond James & Associates has purchased a further 1,063 shares during this period, the company has 5,846 shares of stocks, which were valued at $386,000. The new stake in iShares Asia 50 ETF was acquired by Stifel Financial Corp in the fourth quarter, priced at approximately $215,000. In NASDAQ: AIA 50 ETF the Macquarie Group Ltd. raised its 4th quarter by 25.3 points. Macquarie Group Ltd. currently has 23,800 stock options worth $1,571,000, after the acquisition of an additional 4,800 options of the group.

During the first quarter, cypress Financial Services LLC boosted its stake in iShares Asia 50 ETF shares by 4.3%. Today, after buying an additional 270 share over the past year. You can check more stock news at premarket data.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

What’s a Merchant Account and Who Needs One?

If you own a digital business, you’ve likely heard the term “merchant account” a million times. Maybe you even have a few emails in your inbox promoting certain merchant account services.

The question is – do you need one?

Let’s begin with a definition.

What’s a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a bank account that allows merchants to process electronic payments. Merchant here means a business owner. An electronic payment, meanwhile, is any payment made digitally, including those made by credit cards, debit cards, or via mobile.

How Does a Merchant Account Work?

Electronic payments are completed in two broad steps – authorization and funding (also known as settlement).

In the authorization phase, the customer initiates a payment, say by swiping their credit card. The shopping cart or POS system then requests authorization and, upon receiving the information, sends it to the credit card company. The card company then passes the information to the shopper’s bank for approval.

If the transaction is approved, the operation moves to the next phase – settlement/funding. This is where the merchant account becomes critical.

The authorized transaction is sent to a payment processor, tasked with collecting the merchant’s payment from the shopper’s bank. The bank charges the customer’s account for the transaction.

The funds are then transferred to the seller’s merchant account, less exchange fee and any other charges, and, within 48 hours, deposited into the merchant’s checking account.

You can now see where the merchant account comes in. It’s a link between the credit card processing and the merchant’s bank account, with the primary purpose of facilitating the transfer of funds from the buyers to the seller’s bank account.

Do You Need One?

Although some businesses get by without one, having a merchant account can be extremely beneficial for digital merchants.

  1. You can accept credit/debit card payments 

Cards are currently the most popular tool for making payments online, with debit cards account for 28% and credit cards 23% of all payments made in 2018. That’s a combined 51% of all payments being made via cards. Merchant accounts allow you to accept cards.

  1. Benefit from increased sales/revenue

There have been multiple studies in this area, and the findings are all the same – a merchant account considerably increases sales. In one survey sponsored by Intuit, 83% of small businesses said they experienced more sales after getting a merchant account as it allowed them to accept card payments.

  1. Enjoy improved cash flow 

Finally, the best merchant services guarantee that all payments will hit your bank account within 1-2 days. It’s a much better situation considering that invoices and checks can sometimes take as many as 30 days to get processed.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who understands the complex world of merchant services. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie on his backyard porch, as should all right-thinking people.

Online Reviews: Its Good and Bad Sides

No business that wants to expand and flourish in this age can joke with reviews. That’s because more than ever before, reviews are beginning to shape customers’ attitudes and buying patterns. And several reports and research have established this trend. One such report was that of Fan and Fuel, where 97% of participants said customer reviews factor in their purchasing decisions.

In the poll, 92% of customers hesitated to make a purchase when customer reviews are not available, and 94% will read reviews when possible. Reviews are, it goes without saying, very important. But how exactly do they affect the generation of more online sales and can also be a risk at the same time? There are three approaches to this:

Customers Equate Reviews to Personal Recommendation

Word-of -mouth has been historically a vital factor when it comes to the reputation of a company. Yet with today’s broad internet connectivity, online customer reviews often hold as much weight as a personal recommendation from someone you meet. Consumers now believe that the best way to get an impartial assessment of a product or company is to read the opinions of past customers. The dire thing to recall here is that consumers trust in a high-quality and authentic review. However, if it looks spammy or paid for, it will likely have the opposite effect and turn off customers.

Reviews Show an 18% Rise in Revenue on Average

Customers are more likely to buy from a website that has customer feedback than from a website that does not. The showing of feedback on your website gives potential buyers more trust in their buying decisions and eliminates doubts resulting in a higher conversion rate. These reviews will also help to improve the reputation and sustainability of your brand. All of this results in more sales resulting from an increase in conversion rate, return rate for visitors, and average order size. And it is for this reason that no company can treat with levity what others are saying about them.

Negative Reviews Negatively Impact Sales

Unfavourable reviews have a negative influence on any business. A bad rating possibly signifies an inconsistency and unreliability of the product or service that a firm claims to offer. There is, however, a very critical point to consider: the utter lack of negative feedback on a product or service website would also undermine its reputation. Only favourable reviews make it look as if the entire site is inauthentic, while one or two slight negative reviews simply point out that you are a real company. After all, no one is perfect – and that also applies to businesses.

Find less favourable feedback to give your customer service skills a chance to shine. In the end, being able to fix the problems posed in negative customer feedback will have a positive impact on future customers as it shows that you care about your customers. Leaving them unanswered, however, would only harm your reputation and your relationship with your customers.

Most useful app MSpy

MSpy is a brand used in mobile and computer parental control monitoring software for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. MSpy monitors and logs user activity on the client devices. MSpy is a mobile and computer parental control monitoring software for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The company has announced a Holiday Giveaway, to inspire users to adopt safe habits online and raise awareness. MSpy is telling users to share their stories and details anonymously that how parental monitoring will help them.

The giveaway will run from December 1, 2019, to January fifteenth, 2020 and MSpy will be parting with an aggregate of 10 lifetime enrollment licenses. Champs will be reached secretly and all passa mSpy is a parental control application that allows parents to monitor their kids’ online activity and manage their screen time. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app is regularly updated and accompanied by 24/7 online support.
If you were not lucky enough to become a winner of the Giveaway, we have prepared a pleasant surprise for you! You can buy mSpy right now with a special Christmas discount.

Youngsters and teenagers face more dangers online than any time in recent memory and guardians or watchmen may not know that there are devices that can support them. Straightforward advances, training and mindfulness can distinguish digital predators, harassing or web-based life movement that could harm their notoriety for the remainder of their lives. Securing kids online beginnings with knowing and understanding the perils. Parental observing programming joined with correspondence is an important initial step with regards to protecting youngsters and teenagers on the web. Gees will stay mysterious.


MSpy was developed as a product which can be used for mobile monitoring in 2010 by a London-based tech company.

In 2012, the application allowed parents to monitor not only smart phones like android and apple phones but also computers – Windows and Mac. In 2013, mSpy became one of Top Ten Reviews Cell phone monitoring software award winner. By 2014, the business has grown nearly 400%, and mSpy user number has increased to the 1 million mark.  In 2016, mLite — a light version of mSpy is available from Google Play.

How MSpy works with YouTube?

YouTube was propelled in 2005, and from that point forward it keeps on developing. Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, “famous” doesn’t signify “great” and the YouTube quick improvement emerge more than one inquiry concerning its impacts on youth. What’s more, it is self-evident, as YouTube contains a ton of savage and flawed substance not proper for the youthful age, which formatively isn’t prepared for such kind of data.

Things being what they are, what we encourage you to do to evade risks on YouTube?  To begin with, square YouTube application with mSpy and download YouTube Kids application. Doing this, you will have the option to sift through all the substance which is named as not reasonable for kids. Set mSpy key logger to realize what is composed on your child’s gadget; Make a rundown of hazardous words (drugs, liquor, and so on.) and get informed when they are composed on your child’s gadget.

Shirt Printing Made So Easy

No Minimal Order In contrast to other suppliers, we’ve no minimal order on print and embroidery! Order 1 or 10,000 pieces shortly and easily with our on-line order process. Personalized Shirts, Cheap Customized Shirts, Screenprinting & Embroidery. Whether or not you need low-cost custom t shirts for fundraising or screen print shirts for your business, college, or church, you possibly can design a single piece or in bulk right online in our online design software. We have created this helpful information to ensure you decide the most effective t-shirt to your needs.

Dye-Sublimation Printing is without doubt one of the most popular variations of heat switch printing. The way it works is by digitally printing graphics and then heating them to switch the dye onto t-shirts. Completely different from the opposite heat transfer printing strategies, dye-sublimation printing works with dye-primarily based ink that turns into a fuel when heated. Warmth, strain, and time trigger dye-primarily based inks to go from a solid to a gas state after which back to stable once more. It is quite unequaled because the fuel joins the polyester, changing into part of the material and not a layer on top. Fascinating as seen in the YouTube vide, sublimation is an especially popular approach for all-over printing. Neither screenprinting or DTG printing can create the allover print impact that dye-sublimation printing does. All-over print t-shirts enable designers to completely categorical themselves and create unique t-shirts.

We specialize in T-shirt Rush Orders

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Working Your Business From the Zone of Genius

At the end of 2012, after a long string of business successes, I experienced burnout and dramatically scaled back my business.

My first big success in 2000, the publishing of the InfoGuru Manual, brought me wide attention and a dramatically increased income.

That led to Marketing Action Groups, my Certification Program, and the Marketing Mastery Program. was earning as much money in a month as I used to make in a year 12 years before.

One day I woke up, looked at everything I had to do to ramp up for the next Mastery Program and said to myself, “I just can’t do it. It’s too much work.”

I went back to working with clients individually and delivering various online courses for the next five years.

I intentionally cut my income by $20,000 per month. It turns out that this was not a big issue. I could easily live on less money and in many ways enjoyed the reduced stress and demands to perform at my peak.

Now I’m looking at this scaling back through a different lens.

I’m currently reading a powerful book by Gay Hendricks called, The Big Leap.

The core idea in this book is that when it comes to success, most of us have what he calls, “An upper limit problem.”

Frequently this is simply never being able to reach a certain level of success or income no matter how hard we try.

Or as in my case, I hit a level of success way beyond what I previously thought was possible and then did something to sabotage that success.

We might even reach levels of stratospheric success and then find some way to screw up some other area of our lives.

Hendricks talks about four different zones of success:

Incompetence – where we are not doing well in our work or life and not having much success.

Competence – where we are having some degree of success but are not really thriving and loving what we do.

Excellence – where we are doing really well, and enjoying a lot of success but often feeling stressed or even burnt out.

Genius – where we are putting most of our time and attention on doing what we really love and fully celebrating and expressing the gifts we’ve been given.

What I realized from this book is that I had built my business from incompetence to competence, and then to excellence – but had then put on the brakes.

Taking the leap to the genius zone and staying there was just too much for me to handle.

So I stepped back to what I was excellent at, a comfort zone in my business if you will.

Someone once told me that in life there is no hovering. You’re either going up or down – forward or backward.

But what is it that keeps us from living and working in our Genius Zone, where the limits seem to be non-existent, where creativity and energy are boundless?

Hendricks outlines four fundamental beliefs that continually pull us back to our comfort zones, where it feels better to hold back, play a little smaller or even sabotage ourselves.

In my experience, there are several more than four. The following are the ones I’m most familiar with, for myself and with client’s I’ve worked with.

Belief #1. “I am fundamentally flawed or unworthy.” Like all limiting beliefs this one usually comes from an early life experience such as diminishing or critical messages from one’s parents.

Belief #2. “If I succeed, I’ll be rejected or abandoned.” You believe family and friends will leave you behind because you’ve surpassed them or broken “family rules.”

Belief #3. “If I’m successful, more demands will be put on me to succeed even more.” In other word, success equals discipline, pain, and struggle. A very demanding father can trigger this one!

Belief #4. “I’ve taken my success as far as it can go.” This is the voice of someone who lives in the zone of excellence but who has no inkling that a zone of genius even exists.

To some degree, all of these beliefs have limited me.

They’ve prevented me from making big leaps, from taking risks, from doing things that are exciting and new, from going all-in on projects that inspire and delight.

What I learned from Byron Katie is that the first step to freedom is to recognize a limiting belief and then to simply tell the truth about it. That saps the belief of its power.

With this realization, I’m now firmly dedicated to working on projects and offering services and programs that are reflections of my zone of genius.

It’s certainly better than continuing to live and work in my comfort zone for the rest of my life.