How To Create the Ultimate Boho Bedroom

With the RV industry booming, van life trending, and nature as most people’s favorite destinations, it’s no wonder that boho fashion and design styles are where it’s at this season. The global pandemic has meant not only getting out into nature for exploration, but that people are changing lifestyles in general.

Between buying new homes to moving into alternative living situations and changing jobs and careers, many people are looking to revamp their style in ways that reflect their new versions of themselves. If you’re considering a design overall and want to give your favorite room a touch of boho, read on for ways to create the ultimate boho bedroom.

Considering Budget

One of the best things about going for a boho theme is that the boho design style is built on the themes of free-spiritedness and nature. For this reason, mixing and matching repurposed and discount finds is a great way to build any boho room on a budget. Big on texture and comfort, the boho style means you’ll want a bedroom with plenty of artistic pieces, places to lounge and sit, and hints of nature.

A great way to build that perfect reading nook, yoga corner, or resting area in your bedroom is to pick up an ottoman. Ottoman World compares budget-friendly ottoman beds and could be a fantastic resource for an ottoman to design your nook around. Adding bookshelves for your favorites, succulents, and even your aquarium with throw rugs and a faux fur blanket could be a great way to set the mood in a designated resting spot in your room.

When collecting pieces for your boho room, consider thrift shops, repurposing furniture, and asking friends and family for mismatched pieces they may have in their attics and basements. A few layers of nature-toned spray paint and you can pull your eclectic collection together in no time for very little cost.

Nodding at Nature

There’s no doubt that most people who are attracted to boho style enjoy bringing natural elements into their homes. Whether you are one to buy live plants and create a window greenhouse or prefer trending faux succulents for those dressers, shelves, and even hanging hooks, bringing in plants is a way to set off the theme for any boho room.

If you have the option, build your boho room in a room with great windows and lighting. This will help to guarantee your live plants get the sun they need to flourish.

Texture and Maximalism

A big part of boho style is maximalism and vibrant fabrics and textures. Macrome wall hangings, plush bedding, and throw pillows can help to bring your room from drab to boho chic in no time. Consider adding fabric and textures to items creatively. For example, reupholstering that bland desk chair with brightly colored flowers fabric is one way to make it pop.

As you go about getting a general color palette and theme for your boho room, remember that no two boho spaces are ever the same. A design style that should be reflective of your own personality, a Google search for boho design trends will point you in the right direction but should never limit your imagination.

In the end, boho is about texture, comfort, nature, creativity, and a free-spirited way of moving through the world. As you choose those nature-themed fabrics, use alternative decorative containers as planters, pick up some trendy succulents, and deck out your windowsills with rag curtains, know that you’re far from alone in creating a space that reflects your appreciation for all things colorful, creative, wild and free. When you’re done fixing up that repurposed headboard or painting those dresser drawers, be sure to get out into nature. There’s a world out there to explore and draw more inspiration from.

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